Yes For Louisville Pours Sunlight on False Claims

First campaign finance report discloses 140 individual contributions averaging $45 each

Louisville, Colo. (March 29, 2022) — In its first campaign finance report, Yes For Louisville today disclosed that nearly 140 individual Louisville residents have contributed to the campaign. The campaign shattered its fundraising participation goal of 100 local donors. Yes For Louisville is urging voters to uphold City Council’s approval of the 2021 Redtail Ridge plan for more open space, priority extension of Campus Drive, and a new home for Avista.

Highlights from the campaign’s finance report include the following:

  • Nearly 140 individual contributions were received from Louisville residents
  • The average donation was approximately $45
  • The campaign has not received — nor will it accept — contributions from PACs or oil and gas companies
  • No out of state money contributions were either made or received
  • No volunteer has any financial interest in the project
  • Each contribution has been scrupulously recorded, and disclosed as required by state and local law
  • The disclosure was prepared by the campaign’s nonpartisan compliance officer, who is a campaign finance attorney specializing in election compliance across Colorado

In addition to registering with the Secretary of State as an issue committee, Yes For Louisville has also followed best practices in registering with the IRS as a 501c4 nonprofit organization. IRS registration is required to open a bank account for issue committees and provides an additional layer of financial disclosure. Without this IRS registration, campaigns could easily hide transactions since they would be opened under personal accounts — just like the “No” campaign has done.

As expected, the single largest contributor to Yes For Louisville is Brue Baukol, the Superior-based developer that purchased the site in 2020. Brue Baukol collaborated with city leaders for the past two years to develop the Redtail Ridge plan, which City Council approved in September 2021. The campaign reported that Brue Baukol properly donated more than $45,000 in in-kind contributions. The special election to overturn City Council’s approval was triggered by just 405 signatures, at an additional cost to taxpayers of more than $70,000.

“We are thrilled that our citizen-led initiative has inspired so many Louisville residents to generously support the Yes For Louisville campaign and Council’s 2021 approval of the Redtail Ridge redevelopment plan,” said Richard Morgan, the campaign’s treasurer. “From the beginning, we have said that we would be transparent and fact-based, and that’s why we’ve properly recorded and disclosed all contributions and expenditures.”

About Yes For Louisville

Our mission is to ensure a healthier balance between the past, the present, and our future. We advocate for sensible governance and policies that help — not punish — our residents and local businesses, and for a return to civility and honest discourse. It’s time to stop saying “no” to everything, and say YES to help shape the future of Louisville. For more information on the April 19 special election, please visit 

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