Susan Loo: A YES Vote for Louisville

On April 19, Louisville voters will decide on their future. The topic is Redtail Ridge, what some remember as ConocoPhillips or StorageTek, one of the last large redevelopment parcels in Louisville. It has always been a magnificent, valuable, privately owned piece of property.

Privately owned is the key phrase because some people are implying it is open space and should remain so. To be clear, the vote isn’t about if they can build or not. It’s about build this, or build that.

A YES FOR LOUISVILLE vote on Redtail Ridge requires the developer to provide 93 acres of public land for open space, parks and trails; three megawatts of solar energy; a permanent conservation easement of 40 acres for wildlife; and building the extension of Campus Drive for safer access to Monarch schools.

If Redtail Ridge fails, the developer can legally build using a less advantageous plan formulated years ago. To think the developer will redo this old plan as suggested by the opposition is wishful thinking. The city council’s ability to demand new concessions are severely limited by law.

As a Marshall Fire victim, I am outraged by Louisville’s anti-anything crowd using innuendo and fire victims’ misfortunes to derail Redtail. These are the same individuals who stalled rebuilding pursuing their expensive, untested net-zero political agenda on the backs of people who lost everything.

Commercial construction is different from residential construction and will not delay rebuilding for fire victims.

The developer has spent $45,000 promoting a YES vote, indicating his belief in Louisville’s future. Over 140 other contributors, many your neighbors, have also shown their support.

Finally, commercial properties pay four times more property tax than residential, representing $25 million new dollars into Louisville’s treasury at build-out.

Study the facts. Vote YES FOR LOUISVILLE!

Susan Loo
Former Louisville Planning Commissioner and City Council Member