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"I have heard the owner of the property has spent over $5 million on plans over the last 5 years. The plans were repeatedly modified to reflect the input from the council and what they heard from public participation. They offered to absorb the costs of delayed infrastructure needs that the City has not had the resources to direct to the area. They designed and offered new parks, biking and hiking trails, a pond, and reasonable services for the area."
Former City Council member and Marshall Fire survivor Susan Loo urges fellow residents to vote YES on April 19. " think the developer will redo this old plan as suggested by the opposition is wishful thinking. The city council’s ability to demand new concessions are severely limited by law."
"The YES on Redtail Ridge position is based on the fact that development of this property will happen, and by the City working with the developer to get meaningful and environmental concessions, a good compromise could, and did happen. I strongly urge you to vote YES on Redtail Ridge!"
"Prioritized expansion of Campus Drive to be completed on the developer’s dime by summer of 2023. Could this occur if the No vote wins? Probably. But we have no idea when. As a Monarch parent for 11 years, I love that this plan, if approved, will get this road completed by next summer."
Avista Adventist Hospital's first CEO of 23 years, John Sackett, urges a YES vote to help the hospital move into a new facility at Redtail Ridge. Moving the hospital to a brand new facility off US 36 and Northwest Parkway helps the hospital and the community. Avista is Louisville's largest employer.
Louisville's top experts in local economic development make the business case for Redtail Ridge: "But to expedite our recovery and rebuilding, the city needs the financial resources generated by projects like Redtail Ridge, including economic benefits that will help revitalize our struggling retail districts and other business centers."
Nearly 140 Louisville residents contributed to the campaign, with an average donation of $45. "We are thrilled that our citizen-led initiative has inspired so many Louisville residents to generously support the Yes For Louisville campaign,” said Richard Morgan, the campaign’s treasurer.
Our endorsements aren’t just blue dots on a map — they represent actual residents and community leaders invested in Louisville's future. We are proud to have also received the endorsement from the Downtown Business Association. Media coverage--or excerpts of media coverage--does not imply endorsement unless specifically noted.
Colorado elections laws require that campaign messaging such as flyers and websites include a disclaimer that includes the name of the person that paid for the communication as well as the identity of a natural person who is the registered agent of the lobbying group. Citizens for a Vibrant Sustainable Louisville has failed to make the necessary disclosures.
Ahead of the April 19 special election in Louisville, Yes For Louisville has publicly invited the registered agent of the “No” campaign to a virtual debate that is public and open to every Louisville resident. To ensure fair play, an independent third party can serve as the moderator and facilitator.
Citing transparency and election integrity in both Louisville and the State of Colorado, the complaints were filed against “Citizens for a Vibrant, Sustainable Louisville,” the registered issue committee opposing the April 19 ballot item, and “Preserve Louisville,” an organization whose origin and leadership is a mystery.
"I love how Council fought for safer Monarch PK-12 access on Campus Drive, 93 acres of public open space including 15 acres of recreational fields, 6.2 miles of new trails, and all the new solar power. And a new home for Avista? It’s exactly what we need."
"The Redtail Ridge plan would also extend Campus Drive all the way through the property from 88th to South 96th Street, improving access to Avista Hospital. On top of that, this plan is zoned for hospital use so that Avista has the option to build a second medical campus in the future."
"How about the urgently needed Campus Drive extension for safer and more efficient access to Monarch and Avista? By voting “yes,” an expanded Campus Drive could be completed as early as Summer 2023. More than $30 million in development-funded investments would pay for this new access road, safer intersections, traffic circles, and dedicated bike lanes."
Yes For Louisville supports City Council’s September 2021 decision to replace the outdated ConocoPhillips redevelopment plan with one that requires more Open Space, has higher environmental standards, and finally expands Campus Drive for safer and more efficient access to Monarch and Avista.
"A “no” vote would revert the site back to the existing ConocoPhillips plan that was approved in 2010. That plan allows for development of 2.56 million square feet, but lacks the open space and sustainability components of the Redtail Ridge plan. It is also not zoned for a hospital."
The hospital has contracted with Redtail Ridge to purchase 40 to 50 acres in the 475-acre development as part of plans to relocate. Representatives of developer Brue Baukol Capital Partners LLC confirm they do not plan to submit a new development plan in the event of a “no" vote.