Let’s Have an Open, Public Debate!

An issue as important as the future redevelopment of Redtail Ridge deserves to have a real conversation in the open — not on NextDoor or Facebook. For this reason, Yes For Louisville has publicly invited Sherry Sommer, the registered agent of the “No” campaign in the upcoming special election on April 19, to a virtual debate that is public and open to every Louisville resident. Ballots will be mailed to Louisville residents beginning March 28, and the integrity of this election depends on residents understanding the only two choices on the ballot. 

To ensure fair play, we also propose an independent third party to serve as the moderator and facilitator. Each side gets equal time, and the questions are asked by the moderator. If accepted, Yes For Louisville’s registered agent, Terre Rushton, will present on the affirmative side. 

In a notice shared on NextDoor and “The 0027” Facebook group earlier today, Yes For Louisville invited the “No” campaign: 

“For this reason, we propose an online debate on the upcoming special election that can be free and open to the entire Louisville community. Let’s have a real discussion on the merits of the two plans that voters will decide on, and let’s stick with the facts about what’s on the ballot. We publicly welcome Sherry Sommer, the registered agent of the No campaign, to an online forum via Zoom that can be moderated by an independent third party, such as The League of Women Voters or BizWest. Representing Yes For Louisville will be Terre Rushton, the registered agent of Yes For Louisville.

Sherry, we hope you accept this invitation. You can reach us at info@yesforlouisville.com. Let’s give Louisville the opportunity to hear directly from the two campaigns what’s really on the ballot. Let’s have a conversation based on facts and the merits.”

Posted to NextDoor and Facebook on March 21.

It’s important that we model the behavior that we want to see in elections elsewhere, and that begins with transparency and accountability. We hope you’ll say YES to an open and public debate on the facts and the merits of the two plans that voters will choose.