Scott Sternberg & Clif Harald: Redtail Ridge: Recover, rebuild, revitalize

“According to the financial analysis city staff presented to City Council last year, the Redtail Ridge project  would generate an average of nearly $1.2 million annually in net new city revenue over the first 20 years of the project. That’s just under $24 million in new revenue over the first 20 years, and it’s net revenue after expenses incurred by the city. Plus, that’s based on the city’s conservative scenario which assumes that only 80% of the planned project is completed in 20 years. If the Redtail Ridge plan is fully developed in 20 years, the net revenue for the city would average $2.1 million annually, or a combined total of $42  million.”

– Scott Sternberg and Clif Harald

Scott Sternberg is the Executive Director of the Boulder Economic Council and former President of Vaisala U.S. Clif Harald is the founder of First Flatiron Consulting and former director of the Boulder Economic Council and Public Affairs Manager for Sun Microsystems. Both are proud Louisville residents.