Gary Larson: Redtail Ridge: Compromise Did Happen

The Conoco-Phillips Plan (CP) was approved by City Council as a General Development Plan in 2010, but the 390-acre site was never developed.  In 2020, CP sold the site to Brue Baukol Capital (BB), who has worked with the city to develop the new Redtail Ridge plan, with more amenities then the original CP plan.

Opponents of the Redtail Ridge plan petitioned for a referendum, which prompted the current Special Election by all Louisville residents.  If YES votes prevail, BB would proceed with the new Redtail Ridge plan.  If NO votes prevail, BB would likely build to the old CP 2010 plan, leaving out many desirable features of the new Redtail Ridge plan.

Some facts about the new Redtail Ridge proposal: 1) 93 acres of Open Space, including a park and 6.2 miles of trails.  2) An extension of Campus Drive out to 96th.  3) LEED environmentally friendly building standards.  4) 3+ MW of solar energy.  5) All-electric HVAC and water heating. 6) Level 3 DC Fast Vehicle Charging Stations. 7) Zoned for Avista Hospital. 8) The City’s “fiscal analysis indicates that the project will have a positive fiscal and economic benefit and meets this (Comprehensive Plan) policy”.  All of these features could be lost if NO votes prevail and BB builds to the existing Conoco-Phillips plan.

The YES on Redtail Ridge position is based on the fact that development of this property will happen, and by the City working with the developer to get meaningful and environmental concessions, a good compromise could, and did happen.  I strongly urge you to vote YES on Redtail Ridge!

Gary Larson