Election Complaints Filed Against “No” Campaign

Supporters of Conoco plan repeatedly violated transparency requirements

Louisville, Colo. (March 18, 2022) — The political issue committee formed to persuade Louisville voters to revert to the outdated ConocoPhillips plan has repeatedly and materially violated Colorado election disclosure requirements, according to two new complaints filed today with the Louisville City Clerk.

Citing transparency and election integrity in both Louisville and the State of Colorado, the complaints were filed against “Citizens for a Vibrant, Sustainable Louisville,” the registered issue committee opposing the April 19 ballot item, and “Preserve Louisville,” an organization whose origin and leadership is a mystery.

Yes For Louisville, a citizens’ group advocating for more open space, a completed Campus Drive extension by Summer 2023, and a new home for Avista hospital, filed the complaints with the City Clerk. The complaints cite Colorado law and municipal ordinances that require explicit disclosures for the benefit of the voting public. These disclosures are required on campaign materials, including yard signs, websites and flyers, and are meant to provide voters with critical information on who is leading and financing election activities.

“These campaign laws exist to uphold the integrity of our elections, and we call on the City of Louisville to immediately enforce these provisions against the “No” campaign,” said Terre Rushton, the registered agent of Yes For Louisville and one of the group’s cofounders. “It’s bad enough that citizens and staff are being forced to go through this costly and distracting election to overturn City Council’s September 2021 approval of the Redtail Ridge redevelopment plan. At the very least, the people responsible for the referendum should be held accountable for following the rules for clean and fair elections.”

Louisville’s special election on April 19 is a referendum on City Council’s earlier approval to redevelop the site formerly owned by StorageTek. Beginning March 28, Louisville residents will be mailed a ballot with a single issue: “Shall Louisville Ordinance No. 1811, Series 2021, An Ordinance Approving the First Amendment to ConocoPhillips Campus General Development Plan (Redtail Ridge Master Plan), be approved?”

A “yes” vote will uphold City Council’s approval, while a “no” vote will revert to the plan that was approved in 2010 when ConocoPhillips owned the land. Voting “no” does not prevent redevelopment or force the developer back to the drawing board.

For more information, please visit www.yesforlouisville.com.

About Yes For Louisville

Our mission is to ensure a healthier balance between the past, the present, and our future. We advocate for sensible governance and policies that help — not punish — our residents and local businesses, and for a return to civility and honest discourse. It’s time to stop saying “no” to everything, and say YES to help shape the future of Louisville.

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